"The only difference between people who can play and people who can't is that one began to learn!"

We provide private lessons for Voice, Piano/ Keyboard, Clarinet, Bass Guitar, Percussion, Acoustic & Electric Guitar, and Music Theory. 

1.Teaching Qualities: We work with our students at their own pace. We teach both how to read sheet music and to play by ear. We create a family atmosphere and maintain professional level teaching.

2.Teachers:  All of our teachers: have received their degree in music, are still attending school to receive their degree, or are established musicians who have years of experience.

3.Pricing: We understand that music lessons can play a great role in the lives of both the young and more mature aged people so we keep the prices very affordable for all household incomes.

Standard Pricing is $95.00 per Month for Half-Hour Lessons (Blue Plan)

$190.00 per Month for Hour Sessions (Gold Plan)

**Updated Jan 1st 2021**

Guitar & Bass

We have instructiors who can teach from diversre styles, including classical, contemporary, and rock just to list a few. Starting lessons as early as 5 years old with approval at consultation.


The perfect place to get the authentic clarinet sound you have been looking for. Why wait... take your sound to the next level. Age 12 & up perferred. 


You will see progress in the 1st lesson! Learn to read, play and ROCK! Contact us to hear our testimonials. Ages 5 & up!


Lessons from many points of view. Learn to read or play by ear, with lessons tailored for your goals. Ages 5 & up!


Our vocal lessons are focused on proper breathing & support along with pitch accuracy, vibrato, diction, and range expansion. You probably will not stay long term because our instruction unlocks secrets that will continue beyond the lesson!